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Leather and Lace Lingerie

We do not define sexy lingerie by the number of holes in a teddy or sheer fabric of a baby doll or the number of laces on a corset. Classic romantic and sexy lingerie is defined by the Leather and Lace Collection

Some of the items featured are from the Kitten line by Allure Lingerie.

Leather was originally used for it's durability and for survival against the wild elements during prehistoric times fast forward to war battles of the mid-century and British royal army to American cowboys and Harley Davidson bikers and Barbarella of the 70’s and female rockers of the 80’s and leather corsets through the ages. The sexiest thing about leather is that the fabric molds to your body over time. It becomes a part of you like an extended version of yourself. Leather corsets will mold to curves of your body over time. 

Leather is strong, durable and lasts a long time. Is it worth the price? Yes, because fine leathers cost more but last the longer.

Please review our Leather Care Instructions to care for your leather corsets and lingerie properly.

Any item made from lace is conjures up romance and unrequited love for many reasons; lace is indicative of poetic romance and lovers lost or great passions of the past and future. The origin of lace i difficult to locate as many fabrics that were made prior to the Middle Ages. Many believe lace was created during the Egyptian times or during Roman times based on the discovery of small bone cylinders in the shape of bobbins.

It seems it was during the fifteenth century that lace making was taught in the schools and convents of the Belgian provinces. During this period of renaissance and enlightenment, the making of lace was firmly based within the domain of fashion. Lace accentuates any figure and since the material stretches it compliments all shapes and sizes - plus size or petite.

No matter the origin of leather and lace – both are a dominate fabric in the fashion world throughout the decades and  are staples for every season of fashion.

Fall 2011 Season Update: Lace was a major item on the runway for Spring and Summer 2011 by the famous Italian duo, Dolce & Gabbana and leather or faux leather is in season for Fall 2012, and it is used for everything from pants to jackets to shoes to lingerie and handbags.

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Curvy Leather Lace Up Dress
Curvy Leather Lace Up Dress
Our Price: $219.86
Curvy Leather Lace Up Dress
Stunning luxury leather lace up dress. The perfect mix of romance and sexy to make any night or day special. Up to size 3X.
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Low V-Neck Sexy Lace Share Teddy Set
Low V-Neck Sexy Lace Sheer Teddy Set
Retail Price: $28.00
Our Price: $20.00
You Save: 29 %
Low V-Neck Sexy Lace Sheer Teddy Set
Criss Cross Straps in the back, lace eye mask included.
Leather and Stretch Lace Boy Shorts
Leather and Stretch Lace Boy Shorts
Retail Price: $39.60
Our Price: $32.00
You Save: 19 %
Leather and Stretch Lace Boy Shorts
Stretch lace fits perfect on any size. Available up to XL.
Claudette Lace Clutch
Claudette Lace Clutch
Our Price: $44.00
Claudette Lace Clutch
Centuries old lace is still a romantic accessory and this evening purse is the best accessory for the season.
 Red Lace Teddy with Ruffles
Red Lace Teddy with Ruffles
Retail Price: $35.00
Our Price: $25.38
You Save: 27 %
Red Lace Teddy with Ruffles
Includes Sheer Robe. Up to size 2X. Hot Item

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